Join our worship service now!

We’re about to start our worship service in 10 minutes!

Option 1: Join the service via the Zoom app. Click the following and it should open your Zoom app on your smartphone or computer:

Option 2: Join by your phone by clicking below. Just click and wait – it will enter the meeting ID automatically and then, since you are a participant, you will be prompted to hit #.

Option 3: Join by dialing the number below. Then enter the meeting ID when prompted:
+1 929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 148 155 217

Rutherford COVID-19 Information

The Mayor of Rutherford’s office has asked us to share the following information with our congregation. You can follow daily updates from the Rutherford at under “covid-19 updates”. Please sign up for alerts and news there. Additionally they are on Twitter at @rutherford07070 and Facebook here. The town will continue to update daily and remain proactive during this crisis.

Additionally the town has asked all religious organizations to cancel their Sunday morning services in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Living Gospel has already already canceled all events, including Sunday services.

Tips for connecting on Sunday

If you are reading this on Facebook please click the link to read the entire post.

Sunday will be the first time we are trying a remote worship service. To make things run more smoothly please do the following:

  • Download and sign up for Zoom ahead of time. Go ahead and do this now so that way Sunday you can just connect to the meeting. We are using Zoom because that also allows people to call in with their phones if they do not have a smartphone or a computer.
  • Keep your microphone muted during the service. This is to prevent a feedback loop causing an echo.
  • Join the meeting a few minutes early. Connection details are on the church’s homepage. If you hear an automated voice saying “the meeting has not yet started” stay connected!
  • Be patient. Again, this is the first time we’re trying this!

If you are unable to sign up for Zoom for some reason, you can still call in with your phone. Connection details are on the church’s homepage.

Again, why are we doing this?

As our Pastor has stated, we want to do our part in slowing the spread of the virus. It’s clear that COVID-19 is spreading rapidly throughout our community. By not gathering in person we are significantly reducing the risk of not just our members getting the virus, many of whom are high risk, but also others in the community. Even if the same number of people get the virus in the end, slowing the spread means more healthcare resources for those who need it which can become severely limited during the pandemic.

By not meeting in person we are putting love into action. We are standing together with our neighbors. We are honoring God by showing that we prioritize life over ritual. We are showing the community and the world that we are choosing their lives and health over our desires. We know that even though we are apart we are together in the Spirit; the Church is not a location or building but the people of God.

Sunday worship connection details

Sunday’s worship service will be online and phone ONLY. Please do NOT come to the church building. The State of New Jersey is discouraging large gatherings. This is to decrease the risk of exposure to the coronavirus which increases exponentially daily.

We have posted connection details on how to join the worship service on our church’s homepage.

Additionally, online giving is available during this time as we continue to encourage social distancing.


For the time being all in-person gatherings and events are canceled for Living Gospel Baptist Church. This includes all Bible studies and worship services. This is for the safety of all in our church and in order to reduce potential exposure to the coronavirus. At this time we are not aware of anybody being exposed or tested for the virus in our church body. This follows the example of many other organizations in our county and state, including schools, other churches, and religious organizations.

Although we won’t be meeting in-person, we are super excited to have an online service this Sunday at 11:00am where you will be able to view or call into. Connection details are located on our church’s homepage.

As a reminder, please continue to follow the recommendations of our state and county’s health officials by washing your hands (20 seconds) and by practicing social distancing like avoiding crowds. See the NJ Health Department’s website for more information. Additionally if you are feeling sick, please follow the CDC guidelines.

Free Online Kids Materials

We don’t want to stop ministering to one another, including our children, as we move to a remote/online experience temporarily. LifeWay Kids is offering a free Home Digital Pass experience:

  1. Go to or log in.
  2. Enter the redemption code: VZMD4SSQ38
  3. Click “Access” (log in if needed) and then click “My Dashboard”.
  4. Download your Activity Page and One Conversation Sheet to use as you watch the video session.

Living Gospel End of Year 2019 Events!

Here’s what’s coming up at Living Gospel for the end of 2019! This post will be updated as more events are scheduled and details added. Also be sure to check out our weekly schedule.

  • Wednesday, Nov 27, 6:00pm – Thanksgiving celebration
  • Sunday, Dec 1 – after worship decorate the church
  • Friday, Dec 6, 6:00pm-8:00pmParent’s Night Out
  • Sunday, Dec 8 – Special Church Business Meeting after worship
  • Sunday, Dec 8, 12:15pm – Group Home Party
  • Wednesday, Dec 11 – Angel Tree Gifts Due
  • Sunday, Dec 15, 12:30pm – Angel Tree Party
  • Tuesday, Dec 24, 6:00pm – Christmas Eve Service
  • Sunday, Jan 12, 4:00pm – Annual Business Meeting

Questions? Email us at

Also see our full calendar.

Living Gospel October 2019 Events!

Here’s what’s coming up at Living Gospel for the month of October! This post will be updated as more events are scheduled and details added. Also be sure to check out our weekly schedule.

Questions? Email us at

Also see our full calendar.