Mission, Vision, & Beliefs


Our mission is to make Jesus known through the witness of the Gospel, through the teaching of God’s Word, and by sharing Christ’s love in ministry to others.


Our vision is to be a loving, praying, growing body of Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit to make disciples; thereby, transforming our world for the glory of God.


Living Gospel Baptist Church is a part of the Southern Baptist Convention, which means that we cooperate with other Southern Baptist churches through the Cooperative Program which funds missionaries and seminaries.

This also means we have a common confession of faith with other Southern Baptists. This confession is found in the The Baptist Faith and Message.

The term “Southern Baptist” is a misnomer today, since churches all across the United States with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds are a part of the convention. The convention has retained the name “Southern Baptist Convention” for legal reasons, but another informal name adopted by the convention is “Great Commission Baptist”, highlighting our focus on making disciples of all peoples as denoted in Jesus’s command at the end of Matthew 28.