New to Living Gospel Baptist Church?

Thank you for wanting to visit our church. We would like to meet you. This page will help answer your questions that you may have before your visit to our church. If you have other questions that are not on this page, please contact us.

Where do I go?

On Sunday mornings there are several events throughout our church’s building.

Coffee and bagels, 9:15am

First, there is a coffee and bagels fellowship held from 9:15am until 9:45am. It’s held on the downstairs level of the back building, which was the old sanctuary. You can follow the signs which direct you to the left of the building, down the sidewalk, and then down the stairs. Come and go as you please.

Bible study, 9:45am

Bible study starts at 9:45am. Bible study is available for both children and adults. See this page for a current list of what classes are offered and where they meet.

Worship, 11:00am

Our worship service starts at 11:00am and meets in the sanctuary, which is the building that looks like a traditional “church”. At the door you’ll be handed a bulletin with information about our church and classes that we offer.

Note: During the winter months we may have our worship service in the rear sanctuary since it tends to heat better. Follow the signs to enter near the Sunday School entrance.

What should I expect during the worship service?

Our worship service is relaxed. Our worship service consists of singing songs, giving our offerings, and hearing a sermon preached from the Bible by our pastor. Our songs consist of both hymns and contemporary praise songs. Guests are not expected to give anything during the offering. You visiting with us is your gift!

After the offering, kids are invited downstairs to attend children’s church with Mrs. Elaine. While the kids are in children’s church, Pastor Dennis preaches a sermon from the Bible.

On the first Sunday of each month, we observe the Lord’s Supper. All those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ are welcome to participate in this Church ordinance with us.

What if I have kids?

We are a kid friendly church and we welcome children of all ages. When visiting with us, we want you and your child to feel comfortable.

For babies to age 2 , we provide nursery care during our Sunday school time and Worship service time. The nursery is located downstairs near the kitchen area.

For 2-5 year olds, we have an age appropriate Bible lesson during our Sunday school time. Your child is welcomed to stay in the children’s room during the worship service.

For children who are in grades 1st-6th, we have Sunday School classes that start at 9:45am and meet downstairs. During the worship service after the offering, children are invited to attend Junior church downstairs with Mrs. Elaine while Pastor Dennis gives a sermon in the sanctuary.

In addition to Sunday morning events, we offer children’s fellowship events throughout the month. Check our calendar for this month’s events.

What language is the worship service in?

We are blessed to have a diverse congregation with people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, many of whom speak multiple languages. However, we are only able to offer worship services in English at this time.

Where do I park?

We do not have a designated parking lot. There’s plenty of parking on the street near the church.

Where are the restrooms?

Upstairs: If you’re in the sanctuary, the restrooms are near the front, left of the building. Take any door on the left-handed side of the building. They are located to the right of the “Upper Room”. Downstairs: The restrooms are located near the kitchen area.

What translation of the Bible do you use?

We do not have an officially adopted translation or version. The pastor will often preach from the NKJV, but other speakers will speak from a variety of English translations. Members often use NASB, NKJV, NIV, CSB, and ESV translations, as well as the more traditional KJV, among others.

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