Tips for connecting on Sunday

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Sunday will be the first time we are trying a remote worship service. To make things run more smoothly please do the following:

  • Download and sign up for Zoom ahead of time. Go ahead and do this now so that way Sunday you can just connect to the meeting. We are using Zoom because that also allows people to call in with their phones if they do not have a smartphone or a computer.
  • Keep your microphone muted during the service. This is to prevent a feedback loop causing an echo.
  • Join the meeting a few minutes early. Connection details are on the church’s homepage. If you hear an automated voice saying “the meeting has not yet started” stay connected!
  • Be patient. Again, this is the first time we’re trying this!

If you are unable to sign up for Zoom for some reason, you can still call in with your phone. Connection details are on the church’s homepage.

Again, why are we doing this?

As our Pastor has stated, we want to do our part in slowing the spread of the virus. It’s clear that COVID-19 is spreading rapidly throughout our community. By not gathering in person we are significantly reducing the risk of not just our members getting the virus, many of whom are high risk, but also others in the community. Even if the same number of people get the virus in the end, slowing the spread means more healthcare resources for those who need it which can become severely limited during the pandemic.

By not meeting in person we are putting love into action. We are standing together with our neighbors. We are honoring God by showing that we prioritize life over ritual. We are showing the community and the world that we are choosing their lives and health over our desires. We know that even though we are apart we are together in the Spirit; the Church is not a location or building but the people of God.

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